Clare Dubé

 Taking the Fear out of Finances

Because you are deserving

of financial happiness.

Learning how to improve your relationship with money, keep more of your income and achieve financial freedom are all possible for you.


Ready to take control of your finances?


One-on-one support and education to help you overcome money mindset obstacles and create healthy financial behaviors.


Strategies to understand money and take the fear out of finances.


Daily money management systems so you can focus on doing what you love.


Creating healthy financial behaviors & relationships for a healthier life.


"When your income is more than your expenses and your expenses are aligned with your values, only then have you achieved financial freedom."

Clare Dubé


I know BECAUSE I've BEEN There

Clare Dubé

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Experience proves there are many ways to approach financial freedom. My philosophy is based on solutions focused therapy and values based financial education. I strive to provide my clients with a clear path to achieve a positive money mindset to obtain financial freedom.

It is all about:

ENCOURAGING clients to acknowledge their money story, address their money beliefs and challenge their money mindset.

EDUCATING clients to improve their overall financial security which leads to a positive impact on their health, well-being and relationships.

ENGAGING clients by creating positive financial habits through actionable steps allowing them to meet their financial expectations and goals.


When you work with me, there is never any shame or blame. I empathize with where you are and how you feel. I was once there myself. 


Tel: 203.376.4852

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“Thank you for the magic you have brought into our life. You are a true gift and game changer.”