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Clare Dubé

Money Conflict Resolution™️

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SMARTchats is a process that enables clients to communicate in a way that brings together a common truth based on each person's different perspective and money beliefs.

Hi. I'm Clare Dubé.

Financial Therapist
& Founder of

I work with couples in money conflict who desire to improve their communications, money behaviors and strengthen their personal relationships around money.

I focus on clarity while guiding my clients in commitment, communication and consistency.

Luxury Beach House

Conflict to Connected

- one chat at a time. 

Seek Clarity. Take Action. Do Better to Be Better.​​

“Thank you for the magic you have brought into our life. You are a true gift and game changer.”

Melissa & Neil

Seek Clarity. Take Action. Do Better to Be Better.™️

Tel: 203.376.4852

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